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Graphic Novels by Uli Oesterle

Award winning graphic novel / 216 pages, full color, hardcover / Publisher: Carlsen 2009 / Available in german, english, dutch, french, spanish, italian and polish


Story: One night Hector Umbra´s intimate friend, deejay Osaka Best is mysteriously vanishing behind his turntables. Now Hector has to find him. During his quest he meets a female bum with a plan, violent watchtower retirees and a ominous underground organisation. Hector walks beyond the limits of insanity and death and receives a disturbing gift.


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Comic / 52 pages, full color, Softcover / Publisher: Edition 52, 2000 / Available in German and French


Story: Serafin Brûte is not only a gourmet, he´s the "palatine of god". But then he looses his divine sense of taste and suddenly his usual life is populated with sneaky hallucinations and deeply calamity. Serafin is forced to look after his lost superpower and goes even over dead bodies to find salvation.


Comic / 86 pages, black and white, softcover / Publisher: Zwerchfell, 1999 / available in german and english


Story: A collection of five dark and mysterious shortstories, all served with a knife point of black humor.

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